Share Buyback 2018, Latest Share Buyback News with Record Date & Price

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Share Buyback means company buys their own shares from the market when they want to reduce their number of shares available in open market. There might be multiple reasons company offer buyback schemes. The company buyback reasons includes:

1. They want to reduce number of shares in open market.
2. Company feels that the share price is undervalued.
3. To improve Company's Shareholder values.
4. To Boost share price in open market.
5. Company has Additional Cash in Hand.

To be a part of buyback shareholder might be presented with a tender offer when he or she need to submit all or a portion of the shares within given time frame. Companies repurchase the shares from open market and over the time frame at a certain times or with regular intervals. Company buyback shares with cash in hand or can fund buyback by taking debt as well.

Checkout latest share buyback in 2018 with buyback price and record date. L&T buyback of 9000 crore announced in August 2018 with other companies buyback like HCL Tech buyback of 4000 crore and TCS buyback of 16000 crore.

Company Buyback Price Meeting Date Record Date
L&T Limited 150023 Aug 18-
Navneet Edu. 16020 Aug 1831 Aug 18
ICRA Ltd 380009 Aug 18-
Mphasis 135007 Aug 18-
Thyrocare 73004 Aug 18-
Music Broadcast 38524 Jul 18-
Just Dial 80021 Jul 18-
HCL Tech 110012 Jul 1831 Aug 18
DCM Shriram 45018 Jun 1804 Jul 18
TCS 210012 Jun 1818 Aug 18


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