About Us

IPO Watch team is a enthusiastic team with extra ordinary knowledge of IPO industry and stock market. The team is doing their own research and based on it publish articles on ipowatch.in. We as a team try to give the detailed information on upcoming ipos, grey market premium, kostak rates, financial details of the companies based on the DRHP and RHP.

Based on the company's financial reports and the demand graph in the market we give our recommendations with ipo reviews. A voice which we are raising to give the detailed information about ipo which help our visitors to decide weather go for the ipo or not. We are giving timely details about ipo subscription with day to day numbers. The details given by us is approximate and it depend on one's decision to subscribe for the ipo or not.

We have team who are working in different sections with their expertise. The sections are upcoming ipos list, grey market premium, subscription numbers, upcoming sme ipos and more. We have different expertises for different sections.

If anyone have any queries regarding content email us ipowatchinfo(at)gmail(dot)com