Monday, August 09, 2021

Looking at a New Angel One - A brief overview


Angel Broking has been able to stay relevant by recognizing the transient nature of consumers. It has caught on to the shift in the desires of Indian investors and their ideas of how investments ought to be carried out. This lot of investors aren't necessarily all experts in the realm of finance, yet they are eager, ambitious, and have a 'can do' attitude. Composed in large part of gen-Z and millennials, this investor diaspora seeks out financial services that cater to all and empower clients in the process. Seeking to allay and successfully address each of the financial needs that young Indians find themselves facing, Angel Broking has risen to the occasion with ease.

Angel Broking's Ambitions Over Time

Its ambitions have grown and rather than just focusing on one sector within the world of finance, Angel Broking now seeks to target all. Its modus operandi now sees it establishing itself as the digital-first fintech company that clients far and wide flock to. Fintech (or financial technology) is a sector that has long been popular and is currently focused on startups. The Angel team seeks to dominate this arena and in order to do so, they have recognized the role that the youth play within it. Gen-Z and millennial clients have grown up witnessing the growing popularity of smart devices. These smart devices have drastically altered the way in which financial services are offered.

When considering the offerings that make the Angel brand live up to its desire of being a digital-first fintech company, one must consider their services that reflect the smart attitude of the brand. SmartAPI for instance can be used by clients to create trading platforms with ease owing to the free APIs offered by the brand. Moving on, Smart Buzz allows clients to be constantly aware of market news in under 60 seconds.

The Evolution of the Brand

Powered by this knowledge, Angel Broking has seen itself evolve over the years in response to these changes and has showcased its evolution by rebranding itself with a new name - Angel One. Angel One seeks to address each of the financial needs its existing and prospective clients might have by widening the financial services they provide. No longer limited to the realm of broking alone, customers of Angel Broking now enjoy financial services pertaining to loans, mutual funds, insurance, and more. These services have each been designed with the latest technology such that customers enjoy efficient, easy, and enhanced services.

As Angel One has evolved, so too has its user base. The Angel One team has paved this path for its clients by educating them and providing them with ample material such that they can be empowered and make financial decisions that are wise.

Looking at a New Angel One

In order to truly feel the impact of its new name, the Company's logo has also been altered to reflect evolution. 'One' of Angel One has been written with the color orange in order to draw the viewers' attention to the vibrant nature of the brand and reel in young gen-Z and millennial audiences. The dynamic fonts that have been made use of also seek to appeal to varying age groups. The broader idea of the Angel One name is the desire to create confidence amongst clients and showcase a roadmap to the future.

Angel One's Innovative Ideals

Angel One has been able to establish itself as an innovative powerhouse that seeks to offer clients a platform that serves up products aimed at empowering them. It has recognised that different individuals have different levels of financial literacy which shouldn't hinder their access to financial services. Angel One seeks to offer a sole solution to varying financial needs.