Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Eris Lifesciences Buyback 2019 Record Date, Buyback Price & Details

Eris Lifesciences Limited founded in 2007 develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products in India. The company based in Ahmedabad. They are one of the astest growing companies within the chronic and acute categories of the Indian Branded Formulations market such as: cardiovascular; anti–diabetes; vitamins; gastroenterology and gynaecology. Our focus has been on developing, manufacturing and marketing products which are linked to lifestyle related disorders that are chronic in nature and are treated by superspecialist and specialist doctors. The company features in top 30 companies in the Indian Branded Formulations Market.

Eris Lifesciences Buy Back 2019 Offer Details:

 Buyback Record Date:
 Board Meeting Approval:   03-Jul-2019
 Public Announcement:   03-Jul-2019
 Buyback Offer:   ₹100 Crore
 Buyback Offer Size:   1.26%
 Number of Shares:
 Share Face Value:
 Buyback Price:   ₹575
 Buyback Type:   - Offer

Eris Lifesciences buyback of 17,39,000 equity shares which is around 1.26% of all the existing number of equity shares at a price of ₹575 per equity share. The buyback offer not exceeding of ₹100 crore of total buyback offer size.

Eris Lifesciences Buyback Eligible Share Holders:
The investors are eligible of the buyback scheme who have Eris Lifesciences shares in their Demat account as record date -. Investors can participate in the Eris Lifesciences Buyback 2019 scheme as per the opening form by selling your shares. The payment will be given as per the accepted shares by the company under the Eris Lifesciences buyback scheme.

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Note: If anything you want to know about the buyback offer you can refer the Eris Lifesciences buyback offer documents.