Monday, July 16, 2018

Upcoming IPOs to Raise 14K Crore in Coming Weeks

There are seven companies who got the SEBI's go ahead for the IPO is coming soon with their offers. The companies to watch for are HDFC AMC and Lodha Developers which might come at the end of this month. The companies to raise around 14000 crore in next few months.

The companies are coming with initial public offers in which TCNS Clothing ipo to start from 18-July while HDFC AMC might come at the end of the month. As the dates might be around 25-July as per the speculations. The other company Lodha Developers ipo to hit around the end of the July. It will be 2nd highest in term of fund raising after DLF for the real estate sector. Other companies like Patel Infra, Flemingo Travel, Genius Consultants, Nekkanti Sea Foods might hit in coming weeks.

Checkout the list of the upcoming ipos with approx raising amount which are going to hit in few coming weeks.
  1. TCNS Clothing - Rs.1125 Crore
  2. HDFC AMC (HDFC Mutual Fund) - Rs.3462 Crore
  3. Lodha Developers - Rs.5500 Crore
  4. Nekkanti Sea Foods - Rs.750 Crore
  5. Flemingo Travel Retail - Rs.2423 Crore
  6. Patel Infrastructure - Rs.400 Crore
  7. Genius Consultants - Rs.170 Crore
Total 8 companies already raised over 23000 crore throught ipos from January 2018 to June 2018.