Wednesday, June 13, 2018

D-Mart IPO Success Story - From IPO to 1 Lakh Crore Market Cap

Avenue Supermarts (D-Mart) is been one of the best IPOs in last decade which gave around 500% return from its ipo price in just 15 months. Promoted by Radhakishan Damani, Avenue Supermarts runs D-Mart retail chain which already achieved 1 lakh crore capitalisation in the market. The ipo was around 1870 crore rupees while it turned into a history for the investors and the promoters as well.

Avenue Supermarts Ltd came up with an D-Mart IPO in March 2017. It was a good time for the companies to get listed on indices. D-Mart came up with 1870 crore of fresh issue with a price band of 295-299 per share. The stock touched a high of 1623 rupees on 13th June 2018 on NSE. The market value increased to 1 Lakh Crore rupees.

Blockbuster Listing of D-Mart IPO:
It was a superb day for the investors when D-Mart got listed at Rs.603 against ipo price of Rs.299. It was doubled on the day of listing. The company was praised by the analysts at that time and it was looking good as a business model for the company. The growth was looking good and investors taken it as a investment chance and gave their best. The listing gain was good for the short term investors but it was great for the long term investors who stayed invested in.

D-Mart Q4 Results (Latest)
Avenue Supermarts reported a good rise in net profit to Rs.167 crore in January-March 2018. The company posted 79% rise in net profit for the same period. The results were not as per the expectations but still investors stayed invested and the faith came up with the rise in D-Mart stock. It was a journey from Rs.299 to Rs.1623 looks like a dream for the investors.

1 Lakh Crore Market Cap:
The company just reached to a milestone of Rs.1 Lakh Crore market cap and it was not only for promoters but investors also gained a lot. Radhakishan Damani becomes 9th richest Indian with the market cap of 1 Lakh Crore. With this Avenue Supermarts becomes 29th largest market valued firm as well.

D-Mart Journey from Rs.299 to Rs.1600 (March 2017 to June 2018):
IPO Price
Listing (March 2017)
April 2017
May 2017
June 2017
July 2017
August 2017
September 2017
October 2017
November 2017
December 2017
January 2018
February 2018
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
June 2018

Note: The above price are the D-Mart high made in the particular months from the Avenue Supermarts IPO Listing date.