Monday, May 29, 2017

PSP Projects Fail to List in Premium

PSP Projects was not able to give a return to their customers and even 5% locking on listing day was another worst thing for the investors. PSP Projects listed with variation on BSE and NSE at respective price of 199 and 190. The things were worst even when the buyers are on the move and 5% circuit on listing day on listing price gave another worst experience to investors.

PSP Projects given their shares at Rs. 210 on higher band. As per the subscription records it was not that worst for the investors and they had faith for the listing but it was not able to move up and list at 7% discount against IPO price. It hit the low of Rs.190 while locked at the 5% upper price against listing.

Checkout more details about PSP Projects IPO:

PSP Projects IPO Listing Price:

DetailsBSE ListingNSE Listing
Listing Price
High Price 208.95
Low Price
Close Price

PSP Projects IPO Subscription: (Fully Subscribed)

Day 1 0.00 0.15 0.38 0.11
Day 2 0.04 0.16 1.10 0.27
Day 3 8.38 10.39 6.47 8.51

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