Friday, February 03, 2017

BSE Listing - Strong Debut for Stock Exchange at 35% Premium

BSE IPO listing was superb today with strong debut on NSE at 35% premium at Rs.1085. The speculations about BSE listing around Rs.1000 plus and after the subscription the grey market was super active. It was around 230 Rs. before BSE listing day and it was list around Rs.279 up with 34.69% premium.

It was a good day for BSE listing even though market was not that in a mood to be in green but still BSE IPO managed to list superbly. It gave a good chance for NSE IPO which is one of the biggest one and around 8-9 times of BSE IPO.

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BSE list at Rs.1085 and reached to a day's high of Rs.1200 in few minutes but after that it lost its momentum and stabled around Rs.1120. It was not a good end for BSE IPO but still it managed to stay above Rs.1050. It was at a days low of Rs.1060 while closed around Rs.1069. The stock listed on NSE with good returns for investors and it will continue to grow.

BSE is one of the best IPO of last few months and a great start for primary market as well.

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