Thursday, September 11, 2008

BSE launches a Desktop Gadget - Market Watch

BSE has remained fore-runner in meeting the needs of the market to empower market participants with right information at right time. SENSEX, the market barometer has always retained the Top-of-Mind recall value among the millions of investors globally.

Market dynamism and expectations from market participants has always kept us on meeting newer challenges. Here is a widget, known as Market Watch, that will change your desktop experience. To install follow two simple steps :

This is a desktop gadget that helps in tracking the market movement.Your Desktop will now...

  • Remain connected to the market
  • Help track SENSEX and market trend
  • Allow quick access to BSEIndia live report and some special reports

  • The above is sent to you as advance information, as the tool is available for download from BSEIndia website, freely. Soon we shall be informing the masses about this.

    BSE India